My 3DS Models

Here are some 3DS files I've created for objects that I needed on my maps.

Feel free to download them and use them on your own maps. The texture files must be put in your map folder before you import the 3DS file in the map editor (the 3DS file can be located anywhere you like).

Also, make sure to use 1/3 distance visibility for the textures that are used by these models, since none of these objects should be visible from a long distance.

Sample Picture Tris in model 3DS file Textures
Pile of stones (537.0) 56 stonepile.3ds stonepile.jpg
Well [High - 1 texture version] (312.0) 188 well_high_1txt.3ds Stone_ro.png
Ruin (large) (530.0) 56 ruin2.3ds Split_Fa.png