version 1.04

- An easier way to change the settings in FINALE.INI
- Lets you rearrange the keyboard layout in Speedy Edit

Works with:
Finale for Windows, versions 97b, 98, 2000, 2001 and 2002

Software type:

version 1.04 here. (ZIP: 296 474 bytes)
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Running instructions:
- Unzip and put in the Finale folder. (It has to be moved physically to the folder - no shortcut.)
- Make sure to exit Finale
- Run FinaleTweak.exe

e-mail to:

Mini Manual

- If you want to edit an INI file with another name, put it as a command argument (without path).

Speedy Keys
- To rearrange the items, drag an item and drop it where you want to move it.

- Use the local menu in the list for commands.

- The standard list is in priority order. The priority index is the leftmost column. Finale will use the first matching keystroke that it finds.

- You can sort the list in other ways as well (by clicking on the header), but you can only rearrange items when they are sorted in priority order.

- There are 2 different ways (or modes) that you can store a keystroke:
a) As a character, which means that any key that can produce the char will start the Finale Speedy command.
b) As a key, which means a specific physical key has to be pressed to start the Finale Speedy command.

- A keystroke in character mode has a <CHAR> after it.

- When you record a keystroke, don't use any modifier keys, such as Ctrl, Shift, Caps Lock or Num Lock. If you want to include any of these in your keystroke, select the action for them after the main key has been recorded from the drop-down lists.

Terms of Use