JW Spacing & Playback

Installation instructions and terms of use are available on the download page.

JW Spacing & Playback is a very simple plug-in that allows you to turn music spacing or playback ON/OFF for notes within a selected region. It contains no additional user interface appart from the menu items. Select the region with the MassMover Tool prior to running the plug-in.

To toggle spacing and/or playback ON/OFF for notes in one layer only, use the View/Show Active Layer Only setting in Finale.

If you have modified the music spacing for the notes within the region, you might need to reapply music spacing for that region afterwards.

The plug-in installs 4 menu items in the Plug-ins menu:
* Spacing OFF
* Spacing ON
* Playback OFF
* Playback ON

This plug-in only works with Finale 2002 and Finale 2003.

TIP: Put the plug-in file in a separate subfolder (for example called Spacing/Playback) within Finale's Plug-ins folder to organize the 4 menu items in a dedicated submenu.