JW Tempo

Installation instructions and terms of use are available on the download page.

System Requirements

PC or Mac with Finale 97/98 or Finale 2000/2001/2002 installed.


The JW Tempo plug-in helps you to easily create accellerandi/ritardandi for playback in you score. The tempo changes are inserted as Tempo Tool data. In many situations, this method is superior to Finale's suggested method of using expressions with tempo playback shapes (specially when you want to make precise tempo changes). The plug-in also makes it easy to create a rit/accel into a new tempo with a different meter system.
The process is simple: Mark the area where you want to insert the accel/rit (you can use partial measure selections if needed), fill in the start and stop values and press OK.


Start: Options to define the start tempo of the ritardando/accelerando. For example, if your start tempo is {qd=60}, you would select Quarter, check Dotted and enter 60 in the = entry field.
Stop: Options to define the stop tempo of the rit/accel.
Insert Stop Tempo after Selection:
When this option is checked, the stop tempo will be inserted on the beat following directly after the selection. (For example: if measure 2 is selected to create a ritardando, the stop tempo will be inserted at the very first beat of measure 3.)
If this option is unchecked, the stop tempo will be placed at the absolutely last position in the selection. (In the previous example, the stop tempo would be placed at the very end of measure 2.)
Remove: Deletes all tempo data within the current selection. Please note that you don't have to press Remove before reapplying the JW Tempo plug-in, all old tempo markings will automatically be removed when pressing the OK button. Also note that you can achieve the same effect by using MassEdit/Erase....


Be aware that using staff/score expressions with tempo playback shapes in the same section of a score as data created with the Tempo Tool may sometimes produce unwanted results. It's recommended that you don't mix these 2 different kinds of tempo playback methods in the same score sections.
If you change the number of measures/beats in a section where you have applied the JW Tempo plug-in, make sure to reapply the plug-in to get the correct playback.
To check where the new inserted tempo markings have been placed, you can use the Tempo Tool to browse among the inserted values in a measure.
You can also use MassEdit/Erase to delete tempo changes created with this plug-in.



jwtempo.fxt [on Finale 97/98]
jwtempo2000.fxt [on Finale 2000]

Entry in registry: Software\JWPlugins\JWTempo (in HKEY_CURRENT_USER)


JW Tempo [on Finale 97/98]
JW Tempo 2k [on Finale 2000]

User Preferences resource: 'JWTM' in JW Plug-ins (located in the Program Settings folder)