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What does JW mean?

It's the initials of Jari Williamsson, the developer of these plug-ins.

Which Finale versions are supported?

Generally speaking, Finale version from 2010 and later are supported for both Windows and Mac. Sometimes, technical aspects might cause different requirements.

Are these plug-ins really free?

Yes. The JW freeware plug-ins are free to use, but all the development work is still Copyright Jari Williamsson.

Please note that there are no formal technical support for the plug-ins. Use to public channels (such as the e-mail list) to discuss matters related to the use of the plug-ins.

Can I make donations?

There's a 'Donate' page at where you can donate to the JW freeware plug-in development.

What should I do if I find a plug-in bug?

Make sure to report the bug to Jari W in an e-mail!

Include the following information:

  • Finale version
  • Plug-in version
  • Reproducible steps to cause the bug.
  • If a specific Finale file is required to reproduce, please attach that file.
Can I make feature requests?

Yes. The best approach is to use the e-mail list, so other users can comment on the request. Numerous feature requests are made every week and there is no guarantee that a specific request is implemented.

Can I buy custom plug-ins?

If you want custom plug-ins developed for your own purposes, contact Jari W directly. The custom work are made on an hourly fee but only if time permits. There are 2 different rates for custom plug-in development:

  1. One fee for specific custom work.
  2. A (lower) fee if the development is of general interest and if the code can be included in a freeware plug-in at a later date.
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