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Measure Groups - Set Time Signature

With this task, the user can create multiple time signature changes in one go using a text pattern.

If the key signature has no denominator, the user-defined default denominator will be used.

The syntax for this task is:

  • Use the <Number>/<Denominator> syntax, such 2/4, 3/8, 4/4, etc
  • c is the same as common time or 4/4
  • C is the same as cut time or 2/2
  • Group a multiple time changes using parentheses. Parentheses can be nested.
  • Multiply a time signature or a group of multiple time changes by using *<number> after the time sig/closing parenthesis
  • Separate different time signatures with spaces or commas
  • Enter + beween numbers in composite time signatures

This sheet gives some examples:

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