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JW Yada Yada Tremolo, version 2

JW Yada Yada Tremolo positions tremolo articulations automatically, and (if needed) extends stems to work with the tremolo markings.


The original version of JW Yada Yada Tremolo was a plug-in I wrote as a really quick fix for the positioning problems with tremolos in Finale. Now a few years later, Finale 25 added an important feature for plug-in developers, which provides much easier and more accurate layout for the purpose on tremolo editing.

Version 2 of JW Yada Yada Tremolo is only available for Finale 25 and later versions, and it's a complete rewrite and redesign of the plug-in. The old version (for 32-bit Finale versions) of the plug-in is still available as a legacy version download.

(And yes, the “Yada Yada” is a Seinfeld reference.)

Version 2 compared to Version 1

In version 1 of the plug-in, everything was hard-coded to a number of fonts. The plug-in handled everything automatically, without any options to control the tremolo positioning.

In version 2, any music font that contains a tremolo can be supported (including Unicode/SMuFL fonts, such as November 2). The user now also has a number of ways to control the positioning.

How to install the plug-in

General installation instructions are found on the Download and installation page.

Font Requirements

The requirements for a font to get correctly positioned tremolos are:

  1. The font must be installed on the running computer. (Standard Finale notation fonts are correctly installed by default.)
  2. If the font is a legacy notation font (such as Maestro, that can only containing a maximum of 256 symbols), the font name must be correctly listed in the macfonts.txt configuration file. (Standard Finale notation fonts are configured correctly by default.)
  3. The font must be added in the user interface for the plug-in, in the JW Yada Yada Tremolo Settings window.
  4. The font must have a correctly defined FAN (font annotation) file in Finale.

Positioning of the tremolos are based on the boundary box for the tremolo glyphs in the font annotation file. The most common music notation font are already included in the plug-in's settings by default.

IMPORTANT! The plug-in will only process articulations that are set to Always on Stem Side in the articulation definition. The Always Place Outside Staff must also be OFF for the tremolo articulation. You can use the Verify font… button in the plug-in to verify that your articulations have the correct settings.

FAN or no FAN?

Here's a simple test to see if the FAN information for the tremolo is correctly set in Finale:

  1. Zoom in on a tremolo articulation in Finale
  2. Using the Selection Tool in Finale, click on the tremolo articulation to select it.

If the rectangle that appears around the tremolo follows the true boundaries of the tremolo, the FAN information is correct.

How to use the Plug-in

To run the plug-in (to change the positioning of the tremolo markings):

  1. Select a region in the document that contains tremolo markings.
  2. Select JW Yada Yada Tremolo in the Plug-ins menu.

To change the plug-in's options, select JW Yada Yada Tremolo Settings… in the Plug-ins menu.

Supported Tremolo Symbols

Although JW Yada Yada Tremolo 2 can be configured to work with virtually any tremolo symbol, it also provide some standard symbol mapping for common font layouts.

When the Legacy (Limited) mapping is used, the following 3 music symbols are interpreted as tremolo:

Number Symbol
33 Single Tremolo Slash
64 Double Tremolo Slashes
190 Triple Tremolo Slashes

When the Legacy (Full) mapping is used, one additional symbol is also supported:

Number Symbol
33 Single Tremolo Slash
64 Double Tremolo Slashes
190 Triple Tremolo Slashes
122 Buzz Roll

When the SMuFL mapping is used, these symbols are supported:

Number Symbol
U+E220 Combining Tremolo 1
U+E221 Combining Tremolo 2
U+E222 Combining Tremolo 3
U+E223 Combining Tremolo 4
U+E224 Combining Tremolo 5
U+E22a Buzz Roll
U+E22b Penderecki Unmeasured Tremolo
U+E22c Wieniawski Unmeasured Tremolo
U+E22d Wieniawski Unmeasured Tremolo (Simpler)

Any additional symbols outside these preconfigured mapping are added as user defined symbols.

JW Yada Yada Tremolo Settings

The JW Yada Yada Tremolo Settings window is the main option window for the plug-in. The main item here is the list of recognized tremolo fonts.

This window is modeless, so you can have it open at all times if needed.

The Verify… button will perform a number of tests on the active items in the tremolo font list. This is a useful tool to detect configuration errors before applying the plug-in on a region. It will do the following tasks:

  • Check if the font exists on the system.
  • Check if the glyphs seem to have the correct FAN information. (This test is very basic.)
  • Check that the legacy fonts are also included in Finale's macsymbols.txt file.
  • Check that the fonts defined as user-defined mapped font have tremolo symbols added.

The Close button will close the window without saving any settings. The Apply button will apply the current settings to the plug-in, but it will not close the window. The OK button will both apply the current settings to the plug-in and close the window.

Tremolo Font Options

The measurements in this dialog box is based on your selected measurement unit in Finale.

Size Info

The measurements in this dialog box is based on your selected measurement unit in Finale.

Known Issues

These are the known limitations in the current version of the plug-in. I will try to fix these issues in future plug-in updates:

  • Flags that use a different positioning system than Finale's “standard fonts” will cause incorrect tremolo placement. (Bravura flags will cause this to happen.)
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